JOSEFIN has been covered by Poland's second-largest daily newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza. The article appeared in the WROCLAW regional print edition from September 9th, 2009 and has also been featured in the online edition

Baltic EU project

by Karolina Drogowska, Gazeta Wroclaw

Within the next months, an EU project that will support SMEs is due to start. The initiative will facilitate the access to finance of innovative enterprises.

JOSEFIN is part of the Interregional Cooperation Programme and covers 7 Baltic States: Estonia, Germany, Latvia,Lithuania, Poland, Norway and Sweden. The initiative incorporates individual coaching and financial support instruments.

One of the institutions in charge of the implementation, the Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer, will be working closely together with financial institutions. The EIF partly assumes responsibility concerning the lendings to SMEs. Eligible for support are projects which are both innovative and transnational. The cooperation can be carried out either within the participating regions or with SMEs based in non-participating regions.

"JOSEFIN intends to support high-risk but at the same time innovative projects, which are usually refused finance, by partly assuming responsibility." stresses Alicja Lindert-Zyznarska of the Lower Silesian Marshal Office.

The project is due to start next year. Loan and guarantee volumes are still unknown. The maximum amount is currently estimated to be 50 million zloty.

"Interested enterprises can already make use of our free-of-charge advisory service", reveals Jacek Firlej of the Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer. "We offer potential beneficiaries advice on accessible financing, cooperation activities and EU regulations."

The Wroclaw Centre for Technology Transfer is member of the Enterprise Europe Network which is made up of 600 partner organisations spread across more than 40 countries in the EU and Associate countries.

The original article can be obtained here (in Polish)

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